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John is a business enabler and mentor, and has enjoyed 25 years success in senior business development and sales roles within the global IT sector, including over 12 years as Director at TS3.

He created the concept of Agile Success - Responsive, Customer Focused Execution of your business potential.

He delights in unlocking a client’s potential, ensuring they can truly differentiate themselves by selling high value services that impact in their customers business, and deliver profitable and sustainable business growth.

John will work alongside a business as a trusted advisor, or directly within a business, to help deliver outstanding customer success, business growth and improved sales.

Through a Simple, Effective, High Value engagement, John can apply his experience and skills directly to your success.

If you want to bring Agile Success to your business, then contact us today!

John Trent Wallace

Enabler. Mentor. Business Partner

Seeing. Believing. Achieving



Change Consultancy

“We have enjoyed a dynamic engagement with TS3 which has enabled us to focus our vision for our business into a coherent and dynamic plan. We now understand the wealth of resources we have and how to best apply them to our business, together with an understanding of the potential risks we need to mitigate, so that we can provide true excellence to our clients and create sustainable and profitable growth for our business”

Nicola Harrigan