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Enhanced Digital Media Impact

Audio Branding with TS3

We use our extensive experience in musical composition and business development to guide you in how to project your voice and heartbeat to the world.

With a detailed understanding how music triggers emotions, information and memories, we work with you to create an Audio Brand Strategy, which ensures that at all customer touch-points, you have an audio solution that maximises the impact of your brand, product and services.

We can help you find your ‘voice’, align this to your values, to drive brand recognition and create bespoke music that provides positive stimulation to influence the propensity to buy.

Our projects can include all digital media marketing campaigns such as TV, Cinema, Social Media and Augmented Reality applications.

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Music is a powerful influencer

of feelings

We buy on how we feel

Music stimulates and excites

Music Triggers memory

Vital for Digital Media

We help bring the power of music to your business, to drive customer propensity to use your products and service